Why do poeple buy usb drives for computers?

Answer If you meant to say where, you can buy them many places such as.....Staples, Best Buy, Comp USA, & Circuit City512mb to 1gb drives can be bought for around $20

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When did DVD drives come in computers?

Toshiba released the first confirmed computer with Digital Versatile Disk-Read Only Memory (DVD-ROM) drive in Japan in early 1997, although Fujitsu is reputed to have released one in November 1996.... Read More »

When did the first DVD drives come in computers?

In 2001, Hewlett-Packard unveiled the first rewritable DVD drive for PCs that would allow people to record on discs and play in a home DVD player. At the time, the drives cost $599.References:"CNET... Read More »

How are CD-ROM drives for personal computers rated?

The major statistic used to rate and sell CD-ROM drives is spin speed, usually expressed as a multiple like 52X. What this number actually means is more complicated than you might think.Types of Dr... Read More »

Do Dell Precision M60 computers have USB 2.0 drives?

According to Dell Precision M60 spec sheets, the mobile workstation has three USB 2.0 compliant connectors listed in the Universal Serial Bus category of the I/O section. However, the workstation d... Read More »