Why do plasma TVs have only 60hz and LCD TVs have 120hz?

Answer Actually plasma screens are in total 600hz but they are divided in 10 subfields, each of which run at 60hz. But in conclusion, 10 subfields of 60hz reduce motion blur almost to zero and look alot c... Read More »

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Should i get a 60hz TV or 120hz?

The idea behind the faster refresh rate (120 hz vs. 60) is to help reduce fast motion blurring. It can be annoying with sports or with game boxes.With some of the cheaper 60 hz sets, the ball duri... Read More »

60hz, 2ms vs 120hz, 2ms monitor?

I'd definitely go with the 120Hz one as it seems those have a significantly clearer & higher definition image than the others.

Is a 60Hz Better Than 120Hz 32 TV for Gaming?

If you're a heavy-duty gamer, you'll want to play with a monitor screen that provides the best possible picture. You've probably already got a wide screen that's at least 32 inches. But which Hz pr... Read More »

What is the difference between 60hz- 120hz?

Television images are created with a stream of still images. In the US, the stream is 60 fields each second. As two fields are needed to make a complete frame or image, the frame rate is 30 per sec... Read More »