Why do plants need nutrients?

Answer For the same reasons that animals need them, to grow and stay healthy

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What Nutrients Do Tomato Plants Need to Grow?

Tomato plants, as with other fruit-bearing plants, require nutrients in order to grow properly. These nutrients are available in varying amounts in the environment already, although they may not ex... Read More »

Nutrients for Hydroponic Plants?

Hydroponics describes a type of gardening where a nutrient solution is used in place of soil. This allows plants to grow more quickly by absorbing nutrients directly and prevents many root-borne di... Read More »

Nutrients Needed for Tomato Plants?

Feed your tomato plants four basic nutrients and they will thrive. Some tomato growers like to make sure their plants get plenty of nutrients through soil full or organic matter, or through compost... Read More »

How do plants take in nutrients&water?

Plants get water and nutrients from the soil through their roots. These are then carried through the rest of the plant. Photosynthesis, the process by which plants create their energy, occurs in th... Read More »