Why do plants have seeds?

Answer Plants that produce flowers or fruits also create tiny reproductive devices called seeds. Seeds contain tiny plant embryos and if germinated grow into plants.PartsThe hard outer covering that prote... Read More »

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Something looking like a pepper grows among chilli plants has seeds that look like chilli seeds but is solidly-fleshed bright red and spherical about the size of a child's marble It has no pungency?

Answered my own question with the help of the local herbarium. It's a Jerusalem cherry and it's poisonous (though clearly not to the birds who keep planting them).Very decorative; I've moved the pl... Read More »

Do Mum Plants Have Seeds?

Many chrysanthemums produce seeds, including mums people don't often recognize as mums such as Shasta daisies, feverfew and tricolor or other heirloom daisies. Fall-blooming hybrid chrysanthemums o... Read More »

Where do you order your plants and seeds from?

I usually just go to Lowes and pick from what they have, however I just have two pots to fill. When my grandpa was alive, he would always order from the Burpee Seed catalog.

How can some plants reproduce without seeds?

Of the 1.4 million known species on the earth, more than 250,000 of them are classified in the plant kingdom. Most of the plants in the plant kingdom are angiosperms, plants that produce flowers an... Read More »