Why do plants grow under fluorescent light?

Answer Plants use light energy (present in the photons of blue and red light) to break apart carbon dioxide and combine it with nutrients in order to produce glucose. Any lighting will do as long as it is... Read More »

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Do plants grow better under a fluorescent light or the sun?

Although the natural light from the sun is ultimately best, plants can grow very well under artificial fluorescent light. As long as the quality, duration and intensity needs of the plant are met, ... Read More »

How do I grow plants under fluorescent lights?

Install LightsInstall a combination of cool-spectrum and warm-spectrum fluorescent lights in an adjustable fixture. Fluorescent bulbs come in different shades of white light. Look for the cool whit... Read More »

Are grow lights better for plants than fluorescent?

On One Hand: Fluorescent Grow Lights for PlantsWhen using fluorescent lights to stimulate plant growth, it is important to use compact fluorescent (CFL) grow lights and T5 lights. The "T" in T5 lig... Read More »

How much electricity does a fluorescent grow light use?

Calculate electrical costs by combining the wattage of the lights and dividing by 1000 for the kilowatts used. Multiply this number by the charged amount from the electric company, as it will vary ... Read More »