Why do plants grow bigger with nitrogen?

Answer Look at this link: posted some of my observations and thoughts How plant use nitrogen.Sudhir BabuWhat is the point of Wikianswers if we... Read More »

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Why do carnivorous plants grow well in nitrogen-poor soil?

Carnivorous plants have evolved a mechanism for surviving in nitrogen-poor soils that is unlike any other plant type. They have developed this ability in order to take advantage of habitats that ma... Read More »

Why Do Carnivorous Plants Grow Well in Nitrogen Poor Soil?

You or a friend of yours probably had a Venus flytrap plant as a kid (or perhaps as an adult, too). The plant would sit, waiting for a fly to amble along into its green jaws. Aside from some water,... Read More »

Will plants grow bigger if watered with water, milk or soda?

On One Hand: Milk and Soda Will Harm PlantsSugars in soda and milk, as well as the protein in milk, make it difficult for plants to absorb water. Plants given only milk or soda will most likely deh... Read More »

Do plants grow bigger watered with milk, water or Coca-Cola?

On One Hand: Water works best.Watering a plant with Coca-Cola or milk exclusively is a good way to kill the plant or ensure that it doesn't germinate. The concentration of sugar in Coke and other s... Read More »