Why do pineapple pickers wear gloves?

Answer Pineapples have quite prickly and rough skins. Your hands would get extremely sore when constantly handling them. Also, the pineapples are sometimes harvested by cutting them, and so the gloves pro... Read More »

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If u wear gloves to make food and touch other surfaces are the gloves still clean enough to make food?

When do you wear any kind of gloves?

A pair of gloves for my cycling;A pair for winter;...and a pair for different home maintenance works.

How to Wear Formal Gloves?

Gloves originated as a simply a functional item meant to protect people's hands from injuries or burns. However, by the 12th century gloves had long been a part of religious ceremonies in bejeweled... Read More »

What chores do you wear rubber gloves for?

This is a very interesting question. I several pairs of playtex rubber gloves and I always keep a box of disposable latex gloves in case I need more.Let's see, I'm Female 23:Washing dishes: My pink... Read More »