Why do pickle jars say they have 0 calories?

Answer Check the serving size listed. It's probably one midget dill pickle. The sodium content is 220 grams, so 5 tiny pickles is one day's recommended daily allowance for me.

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Can I use pickle jars to can my vegetables?

You need to buy proper canning jars.If the jar doesn't seal correctly you can get food poisoning.

Can glass pickle jars be used in freezing?

Wide-mouth, dual purpose canning-freezer pickle jars with up to 1-1/2 inches of open space at the top are used when freezing pickles. Regular new or recycled glass pickle jars will break easily whe... Read More »

Why are they called Mason jars?

Over 150 years old and still used today in kitchens across America, the Mason Jar name fell victim to generic branding in the late 19th century, but continues to be synonymous with home canning tod... Read More »

What drinks do they put in scary jars?

The majority of Americans do not grow their own food we are dependent upon companies like Pepsico to prepare food and drinks for our daily consumption. Chemicals are used in the production of every... Read More »