Why do photographers develop photographs in a darkroom?

Answer Because all the materials you use to do it with are light-sensitive and have to be handled in the dark.

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How do I develop film in a darkroom?

DevelopmentSet the timer for the amount of time needed to develop your specific film type at the temperature of the developer. Pour the developer into the tank and switch on the timer. Agitate cons... Read More »

Rosalind Franklin worked on X-ray diffraction photographs of the DNA molecule what did those photographs show?

Diffraction of waves is used in crystallography to examine the arrangement of atoms in crystalline structures. X-rays are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of a size comparable to the spacing ... Read More »

In the first practical process of reproducing photographs for books on what were photographs printed?

How to Build A Darkroom?

Printing your own photographs can be a very rewarding experience and a fun hobby. Setting up a darkroom is an easy and surprisingly inexpensive project.