Why do people with autism isolate themselves?

Answer They do not "choose" to isolate themselves. It is caused by something in the brain, I think.

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Can people with autism care for themselves?

In short, yes. Autism is a spectrum disorder which means that it is found in a range of severities. It can be very mild and the person has few problems or it can be severe and they require more ca... Read More »

Did Anyone Here Isolate Themselves After Having A Baby?

YESSSSS , i do, and i hate itwith 4 i feel a pain to visit friends or even my family as theyr everywhere touching this and that, asking 4 drinks, being bored, ect ect ecton school holidays i am ver... Read More »

Do most people think people with autism are dumb?

Sadly, it is commonly perceived that people with Autism are not intelligent. This is in fact, not the case and I believe it is our job as Autism advocates to raise awareness about the fact that ind... Read More »

Why do people throw themselves in front of trains to kill themselves especially the ones in the UK?

Nope.. You will die a quick and painless death.