Why do people who eat fast food drink diet coke..who they lame?

Answer I am diabetic, so I can handle the carbs/protein/fat of a fast food meal, but the refined sugar in regular soda just shoots my sugar levels skyhigh. Therefore, I have to drink diet. Also, when diet... Read More »

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How to Maintain a Healthy Diet (With/Without Fast Food)?

McDonald's Large French Fries and McChicken NuggetsIf you have ever watched the fast-food run- in McDonald's based movie about a man who eats McDonald's fast food for thirty days and ends up in a b... Read More »

How can fast food be incorporated into a healthy diet?

This is all about frequency, amounts and proper choices. You should always look to have a food that is low in saturated and trans fat, and ideally has more vegetables. Choosing a "better" fast food... Read More »

Going on a date tonight (for a drink), I don't drink alocohol, will he think it's lame?

This wasn't discussed when you made the plans to go out for a drink?

Should people drink Diet or regular soda?

Isn't that up to the person's preference or mood?Also, diet soda often contain Aspartame which can lead to brain tumors. Regular isn't all that good for you either, but people drink them anyways.