Why do people wear clothes?

Answer Originally it was for warmthThe hands nd face can be exposed because covering them limits their use gloves dumb dexterity and covered face reduces visionI suppose everything else has to do with the... Read More »

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Why do fat people wear clothes that are too tight?

those may be a little disturbing mentally to wear for themselves

Clothes: what do people wear in Germany?

oh for the love of Liza she called you a troll. Also, I am not Arabic, and so my only advice is when it comes to Canadians I would go with fishnet stockings and a hat. Thank you.

Can you judge who people are by the clothes they wear?

Hi Skycat, I don't think so..I don't judge people for the way they dress.. I go by their personality,smiling,how they act around others.being honest,caring and fun to be around..That's My Opinion..... Read More »

What do japanese people wear for clothes?

Japanese fashion is unique in the way it fuses traditional looks with the hottest modern trends. When walking on the streets of Tokyo, you might find a woman dressed in a kimono next to a hipster w... Read More »