Why do people wear blush..serious question?

Answer They don't wear it to make their cheeks red. When people wear foundation, or coverup it usually makes their face one color. The blush makes your face look more natural, and not all one color. Also ... Read More »

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Question for people who wear contacts?

Hey nice name. Lol.Anyway, it can be a bother. You just need to make sure you close your eyes when water hits your face. Its best to dive under the waves when they get rough also. I know from exper... Read More »

Your Open Question: People in cars don't care about other people on the road?

People may claim they care about others, but they lie.YOU don't care about others. You do not care where others need to go. You don't care if others are late for where they are going.If you are n... Read More »

Question for guys who wear a necklace all the time?

I wear 3 necklaces daily. I take them off at nite because they're a distraction to going to sleep.

A question regarding continuous wear contact lenses?

Continuous wear lenses have a higher complication rate than conventional wear lenses (wearing during the day time only). I'm an optometrist and my advice would be similar to the most recent opticia... Read More »