Why do people volunteer to be an admin at Wikipedia?

Answer For all the same reasons of anyone voluteering elsewhere (or - as you do yourself - volunteer in editing wikipedia)To give a few possible reasons:* Doing something good* Make social contacts with p... Read More »

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Could I pay to use a Wikipedia admin account?

$100? That might be too low. Admin sock farmers would probably want more like $1,000. After all, grooming an admin account is a lot of hard work, involving a lot of brown-nosing. Or maybe if it's j... Read More »

As a Wikipedia admin, what's the best way I can retaliate against a regular user?

First of all, let me be the one to say that you do deserve respect for being a Wikipedia admin. Imagine what would happen if the history guy showed up at the office of an academic journal and start... Read More »

A rotund admin says that the Wikipedia Reward Board "very explicitly" states that all donations go to WMF?

That Raul should get so many things egregiously wrong in a single posting (by no means merely the thing you mentioned) is hardly surprising. Raul is simply one among the many tin-hatted dictators ... Read More »

How would a criminal profiler react to being told a suspected serial killer is a Wikipedia admin?

I think the profiler would be very surprised - most serial killers are far more ethical, well-mannered, considerate, and self-respecting than the typical Wikipedia admin. Admittedly, that's not say... Read More »