Why do people use pesticides?

Answer to kill pests

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What should you use instead of using pesticides?

It depends on the pest you are trying to eradicate or chase away. Diatomacious Earth is organic and very effective on ants, earwigs, and several other pests. Insecticidal soap is also organic and v... Read More »

What if there were no pesticides?

Life would certainly be very different. Without DDT in previous wars, we would have possibly seen very different outcomes. Far fewer humans would be alive today because malaria and other very nasty... Read More »

How are pesticides used for?

Pesticides are used to kill insects that are eating plants, some are harmful though because they kill all sorts of other animals as well as the insects.

Does Heartgard have pesticides in it?

Heartgard, which is used for the prevention of heartworms in dogs and cats, is an FDA-approved drug and does not contain pesticides. However, "unregistered versions of Heartgard dog medicine that a... Read More »