Why do people use multiple Facebook accounts ?

Answer Ofcourse she can share that things with a guy.. But i thhink that the guy is using that account to play with you...

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How do you set up multiple Facebook accounts?

You could make a new email account so that you can make a new Facebook account too. You can't have more than one on the same email address.

How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts in Firefox?

Like other modern Web browsers, Mozilla Firefox contains a password-remembering feature: when you fill in a Web form like Facebook's login form for the first time, Firefox asks you if you want it t... Read More »

How do people hack facebook accounts!?

If someone would do it to only you, then it must be someone you know. If it's someone you know, it must not be someone very professional. These "hackers" usually get your information because you we... Read More »

So i am using CyberGhost so people can not track my fake facebook accounts IP address back to my computer.?

I'd recommend offshore VPN service that is private, secure and reliable