Why do people use chasers after a shot?

Answer alcohol or pop shot? lol

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How long after the flu shot can you get the swine flu shot?

In the US for the 2010-2011 flu season, the vaccination will contain vaccines for the H1N1/09 Swine flu along with the other two flu viruses expected to be circulating. So only one flu shot will be... Read More »

Can you get the flu after a flu shot?

Yes, the seasonal flu vaccine is meant to cover the types of flu expected to be most dominant during any given flu season. However, many other flu viruses exist which would not be covered by that p... Read More »

After symptoms can you get the flu shot?

Yes, as long as you aren't having a fever or haven't had one in the past few days. It will not help you with the current symptoms, but if they are due to a flu that is not in the flu shot, you'll g... Read More »

Have the Chasers been on The Simpsons?

No, but someone drew them in Simpson style cartoons. you can search it in google images. I S2 CHAS!!