Why do people use Internet Explorer?


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Why do people still use Internet Explorer?

I am a recent Firefox convert. There are more features that I like with Firefox than I do with IE7. For eg, I like having multi-tabs set as my home pages, meaning when I first load Firefox the va... Read More »

Why most people in India use Mozilla or Google Chrome browser than Internet explorer?

The Reason is Mozilla Firefox and Chrome are Faster Browsers..Among Them Mozilla Firewfox is The Most Powerful Browser in The World's History! And You can not get infected with virus from internet,... Read More »

If i am on bt broadband and have internet explorer on my comp can i delete the explorer because i get so many?

I think you you are trying to say that you are using the 'browser' that BT Internet include with their package. Microsoft Internet Explorer is something that isn't easy to get rid of, but you can g... Read More »

Is there a worse explorer than internet explorer?

I read in History class about some guy who, lost some toes exploring The North Pole.