How do I fix JTV and Twitch lag?

Answer Started to happen to me today! Same thing tried different browsers. All that may have happened is I got a flash update. If it was not the updates fault than Twitch is just derping mad! But this is ... Read More »

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How to Set a Twitch Snare?

The simplest snare is the twitch-up snare which causes a small animal, like a rabbit or a squirrel, to be fatally whipped into the air on a string or wire attached to a bent sapling. Since traps do... Read More »

Why do eyes twitch or tic?

You would think mine would do that allot for all the times you keep me up so late....that and your sexy MILFness....*droolsAnyway if you really wanna know.....Ahem:Blepharospasm is the technical te... Read More »

Why do my right eye twitch?

When it do dat, it mean you are getting a visitor from another planet.

All day eye twitch only in right eye?

Eye is the most sensitive part of human organ so don't mess with it. Consult doctor and ask for solution. Try to wash it as much as you can. Don't use any medicine without doctor recommendation.Avo... Read More »