Why do people turn to alternative medicine?

Answer Because our conventional medication is either failing in curing and have too many bad side effects and the conventional doctors have just become salesmen for pharmaceutical industry and are just pr... Read More »

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Why do some people use the ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE category to constantly defame any alternative medicine answers?

The attitude of some people here who believe that others have no capacity to judge for themselves is quite condescending.I have the ability to discern thus I am not afraid to look at any informatio... Read More »

Why do people like alternative medicine so much?

I don't.Completely with you on this. Also 'alternative' medicines have not been clinically checked for long term side effects,and any benefits which may arise are purely accidental, except if there... Read More »

Why are so many people duped by Alternative 'Medicine', when most of it has been scientifically disproved?

Mythical cures were practised in ancient times because, well, there was no alternative, let alone double-blind trials to weed out the fakers.In biblical times, the life expectancy was around 20-30 ... Read More »

Do you find yourself cutting out people from your life that keep talking about alternative medicine?

I don't, because those people in my family or among my friends who still have warm fuzzy feelings about alternative medicine (the most you can have, in the absence of proof) know better now than to... Read More »