Why do people trust Wikipedia so much?

Answer Of course Wikipedia is prone to error, often malicious error, and other times simply bone-headed editing and reverting over a point that is simply not clearly known. I'm going to give you three exa... Read More »

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Why do so many people trust wikipedia?

I have identified three major reasons, although it is possible there are others as well:1. Laziness. These people don't want to be bothered with cross-referencing or having to collect information a... Read More »

How much do you trust Wikipedia?

For the most part, I find it pretty reliable. You'd have to have a pretty poor life to deliberately vandalize Wiki pages with incorrect information. Aside from that, if someone spots a wrongful pie... Read More »

How much can one trust the content of wikipedia ?

All content on Wikipedia is user submitted and reviewed, and therefor cannot be trusted blindly. Most of the information on there is correct, though, and you can especially rely on the information ... Read More »

Why do people hate Wikipedia so much?

Wikipedia requires a degree of maturity. There is always some uncertainty regarding the validity of information, and if you contribute, about the roles you play. It is a supremely useful reference ... Read More »