How to Treat Concussions?

Answer Accidents resulting in a blow to the head can lead to a concussion. Typically seen with accidents related to sporting events and recreational activities, concussions are considered a brain injury a... Read More »

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Questions about concussions?

go get an electroencephalogram and see if there's anything wrong.

Why do people throw shoes on power lines?

There isn't one clear-cut theory on why you might see a pair of shoes slung over a power line. Some theories have to do with gang activity, such as memorializing a fallen member, advertising a drug... Read More »

Is it illegal to throw trash in other people's Dumpsters?

Throwing your trash in other people's Dumpsters is considered theft of services, since you are stealing trash disposal services you haven't paid for. If someone is throwing trash in your Dumpsters,... Read More »

Does It Surprise You How Quick People Are To Throw Terms Like...?

Too be perfectly honest, no.As bad as it is, the world has descended to such a level where generalizations, stereotypes and defamation.If someone is seen to have rapidly changing moods, a stupid pe... Read More »