Why do people think that vegetarians care more about animals then humans?

Answer From what I have noticed most people that advocate for human rights are part the oppressed group or have had a personal experience with that they try to bring awareness to. It is unfair to say tha... Read More »

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Do you think there is more Females then males that are vegetarians?

Because most men don't post to internet forums like YA. I'd say from real life experience it's about 60% women; 40% men.

If God put animals on the earth for us to eat then why are some people vegetarians?

God gave us *dominion* over animals. Last time I checked a dictionary, dominion does not mean eat.

Animals and Humans - Which do you care more for?

Question for vegans/vegetarians who think that humans should not eat meat because it's not natural?

Salute me, then. Because I am a vegan who believes that humans are natural omnivores- and I'm someone who refused to go to a hospital when I broke my wrist (animal testing reasons).It's HOW the ani... Read More »