Why do people think that natural black hair is unmanageable?

Answer Wow, I really find this interesting because I honestly believed that it was almost impossible to manage my natural hair because I grew up getting perms, and my mother grew up the same way so she na... Read More »

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How many people think that black girls look better with their natural hair than relaxed hair?

I like it when people are natural and themselves. Being fake and pretentious is not always beautiful, but being yourself is. If you have curly hair and wish for straight, don't go against it..wor... Read More »

Natural Hair Growth for Black People?

When you think of black hair, you probably think of tightly curled hair. In fact, there are many textures that make up black people's hair; they range from wavy to kinky. You may think that black h... Read More »

Natural Skin & Hair Care for Black People?

Natural skin and hair care for black people come in a range of products. There are specialty shampoos, body cleansers and moisturizes that contain natural ingredients for African-American skin and ... Read More »

Black women with natural hair, does it grow longer when its natural & not permed or vice-versa?

I wear my hair natural all the time. My favorite hairstyle is the afro. Natural hair is just as versatile as relaxed hair. Women can wear braids, wash-n-go, afros, twists, bantu knots, and if you w... Read More »