Why do people think more megapix equals better images?

Answer Consider if someone wants to crop away half of an image and then print that half at even a 5 x 7, that's the equivalent of printing a 10 x 14. And yes, a good photographer crops in the lens, but so... Read More »

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Whats better, Kodak 12 megapix. or nikon 12 megapix?

Go For Sony, love the feature of face detector in it!In ur given options its better Kodak.

Do you think that people should get out more!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Some people I know should stay home more while others should get out more

Hey people what do you think is better Hd dvd or blu-ray?

Some good answers and some dead wrong too.Here's my take.First question should be can you take advantage of HD? If you don't have a 1080p HDTV, preferably ~40" or more, and with an HDMI input you w... Read More »

Do you think women look better with alot of makeup or more natural?

Less makeup is best. Make up is suppoesed to be used to ENHANCE your already beautiful face. Not to make you pretty. I personaly beleive those who cake it on look like ugly old ladies.