Why do people think it is okay to eat meat?

Answer Because we have canines and our eyes are facing forward. Please don't bother your neighbor. THey might put up sings attacking your beliefs.If you really want to do something, invite them over for... Read More »

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Do you think it is okay to eat meat?

Why do people think bad of tattoos/piercings, but think plastic surgery is okay?

You can get plastic surgery and a lot of times no one will know that you did it. Tattoos and piercings are generally pretty obvious. You're right - it is all body modification. But those who are... Read More »

Why do some people think abortion is okay!?

Another woman's choice to do that, doesn't affect you. I would rather a girl have an abortion than to take it to term and leave the baby in a dumpster. They are probably trying to persuade you to... Read More »

Do you think this will stop people from eating meat?

Aw, so you must be the one referred to as Ashley the Annoying... Glad to meat you!Won't stop me. Wake up, that fake vege crap does not taste as good as meat and you just admitted it. hmm, ...ani... Read More »