Why do people think it is okay to eat meat?

Answer Because we have canines and our eyes are facing forward. Please don't bother your neighbor. THey might put up sings attacking your beliefs.If you really want to do something, invite them over for... Read More »

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Why did people/caveman used to eat meat and now many people chose not to eat meat?

Hey don't knock it/them. All the more burgers for us carnivores!

If people can eat pig meat why dont they eat DOG meat?

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.everyone that complains are just hypocrites. you only call them pets because you keep them alive. people consider chicken and other farm animals pets but still they eat the... Read More »

Why do people eat meat?

i'm going to be very blunt.We eat it 1) Cos we can2) It tastes good3) it has protien which is something our bodies need, and we'd reither get it that way then any other way.

Why do people eat meat although it is bad for them?

because they were brought up on it and it tastes nice. most vegitarians eat meat tasting products because they where brought up on it and dont want to eat the real thing due to personal reasons. so... Read More »