Why do people think it is ok to tip poorly?

Answer I truely think that most people understand how a server makes money.....I think most who tip so poorly just don't care. And for anyone who thinks that the restaurant industry can truely afford to ... Read More »

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Why do people judge people with tattoo's so poorly?

anyone who judges another does so because putting someone else down makes them feel better about them self. a person with a tattoo is no different then a person without one. if I was walking down... Read More »

Can you think of any basic stuff that is poorly designed?

I have always had trouble with potato and carrot peelers. You take off half your knuckle skin with each peelI prefer a paring knife.

Why do some people tip so poorly?

I am a bartender/server. i have been doing it for 4+ years and for all you people who don't tip just because.....remember we do only get paid 2.13 an hour. we don't serve you just because we WANT... Read More »

Why do some people tip so poorly at sit-down restaurants?

I usually tip between 15 and 20 percent. Perhaps some people are just clueless. Maybe you should get a stack of those tip tables and if you hear someone like that again, hand them one of those ca... Read More »