Why do people think Wikipedia is unreliable?

Answer I'm going to put in the exact some answer I gave to a different question a few days ago. You can find that question here:;…Wikipedia is the encyclopedia th... Read More »

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Don't you people know that Wikipedia is unreliable!?

Wikipedia is renowned for some very embarrassing posts, inaccuracies, and appalling bad prose, and much of that negative reputation is deserved - It's the inevitable result of letting any RFB post ... Read More »

Is wikipedia "that" unreliable?

Everyone saying it is full of lies should provide sources for this ;)Wikipedia's accuracy heavily depends on the reliability of the sources that are used (or sometimes, not used) to write an articl... Read More »

Is it just me or is Wikipedia really unreliable?

It is true Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, but usually an obvious BS statement is immediately identified and undone.However some statements by clever tricksters and not seen, so there is probabl... Read More »

Is Wikipedia unreliable?

It all depends on what you're looking for. The reliability of an article on Wikipedia is inversely proportional to its relevance or usefulness in the real world.For example, "Physics of the Dragon... Read More »