How many people voted for barack obama?

Answer Democrat Barack Obama received 69,456,897 popular votes, or 52.92 percent, while his Republican opponent, John McCain, received 59,934,814 votes, or 45.66 percent. President Obama received 365 elec... Read More »

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What 3 people were mentioned in Obama's last state of the union address?

Never see Secret Service on tv when Obama addresses the thousands of people?

Yes jimmy carter refused secret service protection upon his retirement. Said it was a waste of tax payer money.

Did Obama mention any specific people in his state of the union address?

Yes I think that he talked about military training, and about gays in the military as well. He also talked about a scholarship with people interested in the military. Another thing that he talked a... Read More »

How to Be an Antichrist?

Some believe in a God who requires a blood sacrifice for redemption of sins, and a subset of those also believe in a Messiah, or Christ, named "Jesus" or "Y'shua", who died for our sins. The Antich... Read More »