Why do people that are actually computer smart hate Vista so much?

Answer Vista has some compatibility issues with certain hardware. It wouldn't recognize my printer until I got a patch, for instance. But I think that Vista has come a long way, and while not quite as sta... Read More »

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Why do many computer users hate Vista so much.?

Vista uses too much of your hardware resource while running (too many background processes). The background processes suppose to help users access to many areas of interest, but it drag the speed ... Read More »

When you are hosting servers on halo pc or halo 2 vista are people actually connecting to your computer?

It is quite possible for someone to connect to your computer in such instances.Precautions should always be taken with environments established in this manner. There are several web sites with inf... Read More »

Why do so many people hate Windows Vista?

I'll attempt to keep the answer relatively brief.1. Resources to get similar speed. Performance.XP runs exceptionally well with 2G of RAM. It's quite capable of running fairly well with any amou... Read More »

Why do people hate vista for crashing when XP crashes 24/7?

Hang on, hang on. XP is not crashing, Windows Movie Maker is crashing. There's a difference. Now, to fix Movie Maker, go to, click Problem Solving, then Crashes and Hangs. It's a l... Read More »