How to Deal With People Who Swear when You Do Not?

Answer This article will tell you how to deal with people around you who swear a lot.

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What types of things do people usually incoperate in their passawords (I wont hack any of u. I swear lol)?

A lot of people use their birthdate or that of someone close to them. Either that or the name of their pet or a loved one. Sometimes both of these combined. Personally I use an obscure name fro... Read More »

Why are swear words, swear words?

Think about what they mean:Fxck - is that a nice way to describe what should be two people who care deeply for each other making love? I think not. xDSh-t - Trash. Do you want to be referred to as ... Read More »

How to Do "The Pin in the Finger" Swear?

How to do a swear that shows you will be loyal to your friend forever (hopefully).

How to Swear Creatively?

Swearing creatively can make you attract attention and add power to conversation. However, doing it wrong just sounds stupid.