Why do people support breast cancer (pink ribbon)?

Answer As a Breast Cancer Survivor, that pink ribbon and the color pink means the world to me...No, we are not in "Favor" of Breast Cancer, we want to FIGHT It.

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Why is it we have breast cancer awareness pins to wear and show support...breast cancer walks?

Typically, it's the big fish that makes the biggest splash.While watching the Oscars, they honoured Jerry Lewis and they said he was responsible for raising $2 billion for MS.$2 billion bucks and I... Read More »

Can Men Where the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer?

Cetainly, they can. Men get breast cancer also. They can also show support for the females in their lives who have had breast cancer.

To the mentally warped confused people who support abortion. Have you heard that it can cause breast cancer?

Being as staunchly anti-abortion as the next I must take issue with this balderdash...My wife of 21 years who never had an abortion, tried for that length of time with me to be blessed with a child... Read More »

What is the meaning of the breast cancer ribbon?

Pink breast cancer ribbons were originally peach and part of a grassroots effort to draw attention to the lack of funding for breast cancer research, awareness, prevention and eradication of the di... Read More »