How to Make People Think You Suck at Lying when You Don't?

Answer Lying is a great way to avoid certain complications and problems if it is done right, but if you get caught lying it will cause even more problems than if you just told the truth. If you have a rep... Read More »

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Should old people take driving lessons over if they suck?

I don't really know that they should be driving above the age of 70. Sure they can operate the vehicle, but as you age your response time lowers automatically. To be honest with you, older driver... Read More »

Why do HP Printers jam/suck so much?

I worked at a retail computer store that sold HP printers and their horrible and I never recommended any of them to the customers. We had about 15 HP printers in the back that got returned due to m... Read More »

How much does it suck?

How much does Yahoo suck?

dont diss yahoo man, its tha best!!!