Why do people still use Yahoo answers?

Answer Why didn't you use Google to find the answer? This question has only been asked here nealy four million times -…Here's my answer from the last 19 times (y... Read More »

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How many people use google instead of yahoo even though you have a yahoo answers account?

Because google actually has a much better search engine, corrects your spelling etc., and offers a wider variety than the yahoo search, plus this is supposed to be silly and fun and not for the laz... Read More »

Why are people so mean on Yahoo answers?

They probably think they are being funny and they don't care that they aren't because they still get their 2 points for answering a question.

Do People on Yahoo Answers Know What Google is?

Some one finally hit a jackpot just look at this one;…AND yeah i forgot they copy my answer what the f@ck!!!!

Some people ask for stars on yahoo answers. How do you "star" someone?

By clicking on the little interesting star under the question