Why do people still take illegal drugs?

Answer Let me clue you in about a myth that is very widely accepted. MANY DRUGS DO NOT FORM CHEMICAL/BODILY ADDICTIONS. Included are > Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD, Cocaine(not joking), Cocaine gets you add... Read More »

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I was walking and just collapsed,I've never been sick I don't drink or take any drugs illegal or perscription?

Dont panick could be dehydrated or low blood pressure.Happens again go to your doctor.Im no Doctor you take care.

Are legal drugs worst than illegal drugs?

Can women who can conceive still take fertility drugs to increase the chance of multiple births?

I guess the best way to cure it is to drink plenty of water... steaming will do too...

Is illegal to do illegal drugs and buy prostitutes?

In canada prostitution is legal.keep the **** away from the cops when your on drugs though&& by the way, yes I have shared needles, Heroin isn't a favorite of mine, just a daily thing