Why do people still eat animals?

Answer People are ridiculously uneducated and hate straying away from the norm. I'm with you, animals aren't for us to eat. Maybe this is what we thought in our primitive ages, but now that we're becoming... Read More »

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Do people give more money to charities that help animals or people?

People give more money to charities that help people than they do to those that help animals, according to a May 2009 Huffington Post article. The largest animal charities have only about one-tenth... Read More »

Why do people eat other animals Does it bother you ?

Fish smell like gross? What does gross smell like? Besides, what do you think would happen if hunting became illegal? Oh, that's right! The animal population would outgrow the human population! In ... Read More »

Animals That Help Deaf People?

Deafness can be a deeply isolating disability, especially for children who have not yet learned how to communicate by speech, lip reading and American sign language. For deaf people of all ages, an... Read More »

Why do people trap animals?

The earliest inhabitants of different countries throughout the world trapped animals. When people engage in trapping, they capture animals and use them for various purposes.Fur TradeThe main reason... Read More »