Why do people still drink and drive?

Answer Easy, because they are only thinking about themselves and never think about the consequences of their actions. It's that "Me first" attitude that is so prevalent that causes this problem. If we a... Read More »

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Lots of people drink drive so do you think this is a good idea....?

When I'm drunk I see 4 or 5 lanes so I just pick the middle one.Anyway, I have to drive when I'm drunk as I can usually barely walk.

If I am uninsured and I want to drive my farther insured car can I still drive it legally?

Answer It depends on our father's insurance. My children may drive my car because my insurance covers anyone I give permission to drive my car (they have have a valid license). However, my ex-wife'... Read More »

If you have an insurance policy to drive any vehicle would you still be insured to drive a car that is not insured by the owner?

Answer The answer is "it depends." I know of no insurance companies that issue policies "to drive any vehicle" ... automobile insurance, at least in the USA, is based on the car being driven. In ... Read More »

Why are people still obsessed with Michael Jackson Hello people, he is dead, it's time to move on?

I think it's the same reason people are still obsessed with Jesus. Some of us move on earlier than others.Damn that was a good answer on my part... Haha just gonna put that out there.Thanks Derek. ... Read More »