Why do people still buy LCDs even though they have HORRIBLE MOTION BLUR?

Answer Plasma prouder BEST Pictures Quality. best in Dark Colour .0 response time. that LCD even LED display cant compare ,LCD response time 0.4 ms is the best now ,with 120/200 HZ scan look better , but ... Read More »

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Why do people still smoke cigarrettes even though they know it will eventually kill them?

Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of cancer in the world. 40% of cancer could be prevented, mainly by not using tobacco, having a healthy diet, being physically active and prevent... Read More »

I am a 14 year old girl Could I still have protected sex with my 14 year old boyfriend and not get pregnant even though I haven't even gotten my period yet?

There are cases in medical history of girls as young as 8 or 9 who have gotten pregnant, even tho they likely would not have gotten their first period for years to come. You are 14, which means it... Read More »

When are people going to stop callng themselves vegetarian even though they eat meat?

Totally agree. I really don't see what is so complicated.Animal = meat = vegetarians don't eat itSimple[edit] its those flexitarian, pescetarian, pollotarian, "partial vegetarians" that keep confus... Read More »

Why do people sitll support PETA even though its a known fact that they kill animals?

You mean euthanize animals? What are they supposed to do , literally take home the thousands of animals that end up in their possession? They are for the ETHICAL treatment of animals they are not a... Read More »