How to Get Out of a Stereotype?

Answer Who is the real you?Are you annoyed at people calling you "chav", "emo", "goth", or "prep" etc.? This article will help you get out of that stereotype.

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How to Be a Hippie (Not the Stereotype)?

If you'd like to embrace peace and love without being smelly and stoned, these steps should help you on your way.

Whats your stereotype?

Nerdy. It does not feel good to be categorized..

How to Be a Beatnik Stereotype?

"We don't believe in rules, man! Like, we gave them up when we started living like freaky beatniks!" -The Simpsons.The Beat Generation started in the 1950's and is the forerunner for both the hippi... Read More »

What is the most annoying stereotype about your nationality?

That we all talk like the queen, drink tea all the time, and have really bad teeth (no doubt from drinking all of that tea).