Why do people spread computer viruses?

Answer Advertisement, (Also called ad-ware). Also to get into computer networks, and for fun. A lot of people just do it for a thrill as well.

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Why do people create computer viruses?

Why do people start computer viruses?

At one time viruses, spyware and other malware were mostly written by script-kiddies (mostly pimply-faced male adolesents) as a form of vandalism.These days are unfortunately long gone.Today it's a... Read More »

Why do people send computer viruses?

well look at the upside, how many people do you think are employed by software companys who's sole job is to think up ant-spyware etc.... so ask yourself, where do the viruses start??????

Most STI's and HIV viruses are spread through what means of transmission?

Sex (be it oral, anal, or actual sex) and sharing used needles.