Why do people spend so much time on the computer, is life that dull?

Answer i am stuck in house looking after totally diabled husband 24 /7 . this laptop keeps me sane, i order food,pay utility bills,buy up everything on ebay, play spider solitaire, 'skype' friends and ans... Read More »

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Why the people or society make fun of any brother and sister who spend time together watching movie or having dinner - what is wrong if siblings spend family time together without sexual intention?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a brother and sister who are close and just act like a family should. Often society wants to create the worst images of any situation, or they cannot imagine ... Read More »

How to Spend Time With Your Dad or Man in Your Life?

Are all you girls tired of looking for something to do with that man in your life? Whether it's your dad, uncle, boyfriend, anybody! Just follow these simple steps and you'll be spending quality ti... Read More »

How much time do you spend at work during life?

A man expected to live to age 78 will have lived a total of 683,760 hours (counting 20 leap days). If he starts work at age 22 after college, works 37.5 hours per week until age 65 with three weeks... Read More »

What does the average person spend on gum in a life time?

Hey good question! I would guess $60.00 a year times 60 years so maybe $3600.00 a lifetime?