Why do people speak French in Switzerland?

Answer According to "All About Switzerland," the country does not have a single dominant language, with four languages adopted as official languages of the country. Switzerland's official languages are F... Read More »

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Do people from the German part of Switzerland speak French, generally?

It might be difficult to find French-speaking people in the streets in the German-speaking part. Its easier in places close to the language-border (like Berne). In most other towns, people will onl... Read More »

In percentage, how many people in Switzerland are able to speak the 3 languages: French, German and Italian?

I lived in Switzerland for approximately 2 years and if someone said 'pack your bags, you're leaving on the next'll live there indefinitely'..I'd go.I speak English, and (barely) enough... Read More »

Do people in Spain speak French?

The national language of Spain is Castellano (Castilian Spanish), with Basque, Gallego and Catalan as official language sub groups. French is not a recognized national language, though it may be ta... Read More »

Why do people speak French in Quebec?

The Canadian province of Québec was settled by a series of French explorers in the 16th and 17th centuries. Even when the British established rule over the whole of Canada the French speakers in ... Read More »