How come people sneeze when they look at the sun?

Answer Its not when you look at the sun its when your suddenly exposed to sun it makes you sneeze because (excuse the non scientific terms) your sneeze receptor is right next to something thats affected b... Read More »

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How come when you sneeze, people say god bless you?

It´s an act of kindness - we in Germany say "Gesundheit", thatmeans wellness, nobody says "God bless You".

Why do people say "achoo!" when they sneeze?

Think about it: you breathe in really fast: huuuuuuuuuuu sort of makes an Aaaa sound.Then you sort bite down and frown and your tongue comes back while a lot of air comes out: then you are graduall... Read More »

When you sneeze, do you sneeze once, twice or three times?

You really should have been an efficiency expert APG! Directing word traffic on your sneezes is cool. I personally am a 2 sneeze kind of guy, always seem to come in pairs. (Come in pairs doesn't so... Read More »

Why does my cat sneeze a lot?

Sneezing is caused by the irritation of a cat's nasal passageways. There are a variety of reasons cats sneeze. Some reasons are more serious than others and present a cause for concern.Identificati... Read More »