Why people talk baby talk to the elderly?

Answer Those who talk baby talk to the elderly are under the misconception that elderly equals stupid or dim witted. The truth though, is elderly people can be just as quick witted and have a sharp mind, ... Read More »

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What Causes Us To Talk In Our Sleep?

Why do some people talk in their sleep? Nobody knows for sure. Children seem to be prone to it, especially if they sleepwalk too. Some people carry on whole conversations, while others just moan an... Read More »

Are children that talk in their sleep getting good rest?

Answer If it's not waking them up I don't see why not.

With all this talk of Margaret Thatcher, does anyone else actually only sleep for 4 hours a night?

I used to work on the motor ways 12hr shifts which meant we had to sleep on site in caravans,So yes I know what it's like.As for you,re friends they should know you well enough by now that you are ... Read More »

How to Talk to People on Wii?

The Nintendo Wii allows users to access the Internet through a Wi-Fi broadband connection, which can be used to talk to friends via a Wii Speak microphone and the Wii Speak Channel. The Wii Speak m... Read More »