Why did Garry Moore shake hands with his left hand?

Answer Could it have anything to do with the fact that Moore always had a cigarette in his right hand?

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Left-handed people use mouse with right hand?

Several of my lefty co-workers use right hands for mice because 1) they grew up learning from right handed teachers and just learned to deal with it 2) they prefer having their dominant hand on the... Read More »

Futuristic 70s movie where everyone has gems imbedded in their hands and they can only be with people with the same color?

Logan's RunIt's not Logan's Run. In that film the color told your age. It didn't have anything to do with sex matching.

In places where people eat with their hands, do they have to serve food at room temperature?

depends on the foodmany have forms of bread or other material to hold hot food away from their skin while eatingnaan, pita, tortillas, etc are all examples of these.

How did driving on the right ever begin when it forces people to steer with the left hand?

Yes you are right . I personally much prefer driving on the left , I think others changed just to be perverse back at the start of the 20 th century ...