Why do people self harm What drives them 2 do it ?

Answer I disagree with you who say they do it for attention. Most of those who do it are very secretive and try to hide the fact that they do it, almost like an addict doing drugs would do. I've experia... Read More »

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Why do people cut/burn them self?

It is a mental thing no one can understand unless you are that person.

Why so people take up smoking when they know it is going to cause them serious harm?

It starts with as fashion. Gets as habit. Then goes as addiction. At this point of time one will not be able to withdraw.

What is the easiest way to heal self harm cuts?

Don't clean them often, it'll dry your skin out. Once in the morning and once at night. Use antibiotics only twice a day also, because they need time to breathe. If you think they might scar, use s... Read More »

Is there any harm to hard drives if i defragment the c drive?

Defragmenting simply re-arranges the information on your hard drive and places it at the start. Think of it like you have a bookshelf with books laying down, out of order, back to front etc.. also... Read More »