Why do people seem to think that wikipedia is 100% correct?

Answer Wikipedia really is too inaccurate and unreliable.First example, Wikipedia's one hundred articles about U.S. senators were once evaluated in a systematic fashion. It was found that these articles w... Read More »

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Is the swine flu that big of a deal It doesn't seem to be lethal in MOST people. Do you think it'll mutate?

It is a pandemic. The number of people infected is doubling every day. It is lethal and people have died from it. Vaccinations for this are extremely limited and your dehydrated before you even kno... Read More »

For people who signed on to Wikipedia do you think that they treat their users unfair?

I thought that was what they were all about, or supposed to be all about was having ppl like us help them when we edit something they wrote! I have only "helped" them once, and that was in regard ... Read More »

Why does it seem that no one on here knows what wikipedia is?

They know about it, but don't know how to use it well. Even after you get past the trust issues it can be hard to tease the exact information you need out of a Wikipedia article. Really the same si... Read More »

Why do people on here seem to think wiki is like the modern day bible?

Wikipedia is a fascinating construct, because it's returned some level of authority to the people. Now most folk aren't used to having that, and don't particularly know how to use it -- they're stu... Read More »