Why do people seem to be so intolerant towards vegetarians/vegans?

Answer The only person I know who has ever commented about me being vegetarian was my mother. She was horrified when I became a vegetarian; it went completely against her upbringing. Then, after about 1... Read More »

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I am dairy intolerant decided to have a coffee but cant seem to make it with soya milk but can make tea.?

Both cow milk and soy milk curdle when you add them to coffee. This is because coffee is naturally acidic. Keep stirring it and it'll be fine.

How to Stop Having a Bad Attitude Towards People?

Okay, you're tired of being a bully and having a bad attitude, you already lost many friends for being bad to people and now you want to be a nicer person? Well this will help you.

Why are people so disrespectful towards pregnate women?

Jon recommended that you stay home and knit. If you want to learn, I can teach you. I have a whole collection of needles.Sweet called you weird like it's a BAD thing!

Why are people so disrespectful towards their servers?

Because they thave never ever worked in the service industry. I'm sure after working just one dinner service they would have a completely different attitude. They also don't realize that the nice... Read More »