When do pigs fly on silver unicorns cos that's when Shipwrecked begins?

Answer never and if it dose happen you wont be there to see it

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Why do some people eat cows and pigs and birds - and think it's immoral to eat cats and dogs?

Society has discourse conventions which dictate what is socially acceptable. Because cats and dogs are household animals, that have a higher status in society than a cow, for example, people do not... Read More »

When was the three little pigs written?

The Three Little Pigs has been published many times, throughout history. However, one of the first known publication dates is around 1843. The tale appeared in the book "Nursery Rhymes and Nursery ... Read More »

Why Has God Put Chickens, Cows, and Pigs on earth, When they have no defence mechanisms?

Omg, I would love all the meat eaters here to be put in the jungle with real carnivores and see how they go with THEIR natural self defence mechanisms, no weapons included !!We are definitely not a... Read More »

Ever heard that saying, "Yeah, that'll happen, WHEN PIGS FLY" .. well, last I heard, the SWINE FLEW!?

My borfriends mother always thinks she was the first to hear his first sentence. She heard him say "I don't want to go home" at 5 months old and she just heard him say "Is it time to go home daddy"... Read More »