Why do some people eat cows and pigs and birds - and think it's immoral to eat cats and dogs?

Answer Society has discourse conventions which dictate what is socially acceptable. Because cats and dogs are household animals, that have a higher status in society than a cow, for example, people do not... Read More »

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What Are Micro Pigs?

Micro pigs are a miniature version of a full sized pig. These animals have been bred to be very small and are suitable as house pets. The micro pig, also known as a teacup pig, are the smallest bre... Read More »

How to Show Your Pigs?

Showing hogs can be a fun and learning experience. Many youth enjoy the rewarding feeling of stepping into a show ring and exhibiting the animal they have worked so hard to raise.

What is rhinitis in pigs?

Rhinitis is a highly contagious bacterial infection that attacks the nasal passages of pot-bellied pigs and commercial swine.SymptomsThe first signs of rhinitis are sneezing, snuffling and nasal di... Read More »

Pigs That Are Wild?

Pigs that are wild include Eurasian wild hogs, feral hogs and a combination of the first two types. The Eurasian wild hog was imported from Europe by wildlife ranches and released for hunting. Fera... Read More »