Why do people say that they are really brothers?

Answer That doesn't really make sense. But here is the only answer I could think of: Because they have the same last name, or look alike or similar.

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Why do so many people dislike the jonas brothers?

WHY DO MANY PEOPLE LIKE THE JONAS BROTHERS?>???I just think they have nothin intresting lol

Why are do so many people dislike the Jonas Brothers?

Who knows. It's usually the same people that don't like Miley Cyrus.Could be a thing called Jealousy.

Question for people who used to like the Jonas Brothers?

I was 13 when o liked them, and then when I was about 14, I stopped cause they're kinda fake. They're fake, players, liars, rude, stuck up... should I keep going? Have you seen Kevin's show? Ugh! C... Read More »

I would like to know why people hate the jonas brothers!?

I dont hate them. i just dislike thembut 2 reasons i dislike them are...1. there music videos are way to stupid...2. they are overated. like people say they rock but they are just decent in my mind